Hi! I'm Emily Stieben

Full Stack .NET Engineer with a passion for designing & developing web applications.

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Email: emily.stieben@gmail.com

Phone: (502) 931-9411

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Bootstrap 4


Front End Development

Quadrant Magnetics

Quadrant's website was in need of a major overhaul and I assisted with editing pertinent information while staying true to Quadrant's mission of providing custom magnetic solutions.

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Full Stack Development

Canopy KY

Canopy was a new organization in need of a site that supported events, blogs, a job board directory and more. I helped them to transition into a site that better fit their needs.

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Full Stack Development

Toyota North American Environmental Report: French

The NAER report is produced every year in both print and web. I created the 2018 version and assisted with the 2019 version of the report. This includes an English and French version that is utilized by thousands of users across the corporation.

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Back End Development


A large ecommerce website in need of maintenance and upgrades, I implemented new components for picing, sorting, and the back end for vendors. This project does not have a personal repo on GitHub as it is maintained by the company itself.

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Full Stack Development - Personal Project

Today I Failed (Under Construction)

This personal site is a nod to my fear of failure. Users can chart new failures and see progress over time. The site is not currently published online but the GitHub repo can be viewed below.

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Full Stack Development - Personal Project

Angular Super-Hero Project (Under Construction)

This super hero project is to demonstrate skills used with Angular & .NET. While the project is still under contstruction, it is hosted on my domain and can be viewed below.

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