Emily Stieben | Full Stack Web Developer


Quadrant Magnetics

Quadrant had a website in serious need of an update. As the company worked on their branding, their digital footprint was lacking. The website used an outdated CMS, performed poorly, and did not rank on any search engines. Therefore, traffic was poor.

The result is a new website that works well with the new branding and increased traffic as a result of digital marketing campaigns.

Toyota NAER 2018

Toyota creates the North American Environmental Reports every year and each year we work to add eye-catching visuals while providing essential company information regarding sustainability for the year. This year, there was increased security related to PI compliance so our database security needed to increase in compliance.

YMCA Community Impact Report

Each year, the YMCA produces a community impact report to share their impact on the community. This report serves as a digital version of a print report.


As a start-up, Canopy had no brand standards or digital footprint and needed assistance from the ground up.

Personal Projects

When learning new languages/skills, building applications helps learn in context. Here are some examples of projects I’m currently working on. 

Movie Selector

Skills Used: .Net Core, C#, SQL

Angular Super Hero Search

Skills Used: Angular CLI, Angular templating

Pogo CRM

Skills Used: SQL Relational Databases, Azure

Python Automation

Skills Used: Python automation tools